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?Liu Yang, a professor, M.D. and tutor of Ph.D students, is the director of Center for Joint Surgery Southwest Hospital. He received his undergraduate degree (Medicine Science) at the Third Military Medical University in 1985, earned the master degree of orthopaedics in 1992 and was awarded his M.D. in 1996 both from the Third Military Medical University. He received fellowship training in Paris 1999 and also at the Center for Joint Surgery Massachusetts Hospital, Harvard Medical School for in 2002. Afterwards, he went to America, Germany, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand and Hong Kong for academic conferences, having established good relationship with the experts in this field.?

He has got four projects including one major project from the National Science Fund, scientific fund from the Ministry of Public Health for public welfare, one project from the “10th five-year plan”, “11th five-year plan”, “12th five-year plan” respectively, three projects from Chongqing Key Technology and Basic Research Program, one innovative project fund from the Third Military University and the Southwest Hospital respectively. Besides, he took part in one project funded by the Major Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and one project funded by the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program). The amount of funds for all those projects has reached 12,000,000RMB.

For academic honors, more than 200 papers have been published in predominant journals, including 16 in SCI (Science Citation Index) papers. He was the editor and the compiler member in 17 monographs home and abroad, moreover, he has applied for the National Invention Patentsuccessfully, including 50 patents of utility model. Besides the achievements gained in this field, he has actively supervised and nursed 69 postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows with 3 post doctorate, 21 PhD and 45 Master of Medical sciences students completing their degree over the last decade,. Director Yang’s career has been driven by a passion and commitment to advancing the success of orthopedic surgery by helping people lead active lives through professional procedures.


Clinical speciality: joint surgery

Research interest: biomechanics and tissue engineering


Professional and Academic Credits

l? member of standing committee, Sports Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association,

l? member of standing committee, orthopedics branch in China Physicians Association

l? member, joint surgery group in Chinese Medical Association

l? committee member of orthopedist branch in the China Physicians Association

l? vice chairman of committee, microsurgery association in the whole army

l? vice chairman of Committee, the Orthopedics Association for Arthroscope and Sports Medicine Branch

l? member of standing committee, department of Bone’s Fracture and Wounds, branch of? Traditional and Western Medicine in China Physicians Association

l? executive member of the council, Endoscope Discipline Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Public Health(P.R.C.)

l? member of editorial board, the Chinese edition of “ The Journal of Arthroplasty”

l? member of editorial board, both the English and Chinese version of Chinese Journal of Traumatology

l? member of editorial board, Chongqing Medicine

l? member of editorial board, Journal of Third Military Medical University

l? editor, Chinese Journal of Experimental Surgery

l? member of editorial board, Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine

l? member of editorial board, Journal of Chinese Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine

l? Corresponding author, Chinese Journal of Orthopaedics

l? member of editorial board, Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics


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Centre for Joint Surgery, Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University.
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Phone: 86-23-68765280. Fax: 86-23-65464006.
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