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??? Since the foundation of our center in 2003, numerous patients with joint problems or diseases have been cured. However, there were some rare and difficult diseases that we encountered and felt difficulty treating. Case study forum provides surgeons home and abroad with a good opportunity to discuss these cases and exchange ideas in solving them. Some of the cases that we treated obtained satisfactory results, while a few of them were not. Medicine science is like a deep ocean. There is a long way to go into the deep. With the eagerness to knowledge and humble attitudes towards medicine science, we really hope we can hear more diversified opinions and solutions to these cases from you.

??? The patient’s privacy is protected by the law and our center also respects it, so the pictures shown here are only for study, not for commercial use or other purposes. Hope you can understand that and don’t copy them without the permission.

??? Any suggestions are welcome and acceptable. Contact us by email: jointsurgery @163.com


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