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It is the first special surgery center for joint diseases in southwest of China and one of the few centers in the country. It consists 46 beds when fully used. Most of the patients come for arthroscopic surgery and were hospitalized for less than 4 days. Over 700 knee joint arthroscopic surgeries were performed every year and the number is still increasing. We also perform arthroscopy in shoulder, hip, elbow, ankle and wrist which occupies a certain part of the cases.
Knee Arthroscopy
Patients for knee arthroscopy occupies 90% of the patients. We almost treat all knee joint diseases with arthroscopy except for severe knee joint diseases who need TKA. We perform meniscus partial excision, meniscus repair, ACL reconstruction, ACL re-tension, debridement, lavage, et al.

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Centre for Joint Surgery, Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University.
Gaotanyan Street 30, Shapingba District, Chongqing. 400038
The People`s republic of China.
Phone: 86-23-68765280. Fax: 86-23-65464006.
http://www.jointsurgery.com.cn . E-mail: jointsurgery@163.com