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Research Interests

1. Knee Joint Pain and Disease

, Study for biomechanics and ACL dissection.
, Improvement for 3D-ACL dissection and reconstruction
, Establishment for the scanning of ACL coronal view
, Expand the application of MRI

2. Correlated Study for Hip
, Focus on the partly function of the hip operative approach
, Improve the MIS technique for total hip replacement and arthroscope
, Avoid less surgical trauma and promote the postoperative joint function.
, Study on biomechanics, provide methods for congenital hip disease and prepare for the preoperative plans.

3. Restoration Technique for Cartilaginous Tissue
, Observe and evaluate the long-term effect of tissue engineering restoration and cartilage deletion
, Develop new biomimetic seed cell carrier and stand materials
, Establish application standard for joint deletion restoration technique.
, Prepare for tissue engineering bioactivity of joint prosthesis
, Establish and familiarize the cartilage complex tissue

4. Prevention and Treatment for Degenerative Joint disease
, Investigate the cause and treatment for degenerative joint ostarthritis
, Study on patellofemoral joint dissection and mechanics function

5. Solutions to Shoulder Wounds and Diseases

, Develop new shoulder prosthesis
, Explore the pathologic mechanism and research on the treatment for frozen shoulder

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