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Total joint replacement is also routine job of our center. We perform big joints replacement of all the extremities. THA and TKA take the greatest part of the cases.

THA are performed with a carefully designed MIS incision (minimally invasive solution) which can provide good result of hip function during early rehabilitation. It also markedly decrease the hospitalization time. Many patients who had taken THA or TKA were hospitalized for less than 1 week.


Centre for Joint Surgery, Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University.
Gaotanyan Street 30, Shapingba District, Chongqing. 400038
The People`s republic of China.
Phone: 86-23-68765280. Fax: 86-23-65464006.
http://www.jointsurgery.com.cn . E-mail: jointsurgery@163.com